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Results from the 2014 AGM

Posted by on 25/11/2014 13:20




League Management Committee

Following the retirement of Neal Waters his place on the committee has gone to Steve Clarke of Marton.

Dave Austin of Marske is to be co-opted to the committee for 2015.

Membership of the League

Shildon Railway were officially welcomed as the latest member club of the NYSD. Their first team will play in Division 3 and their second team in Sunday Division 2 in season 2015.

Whitby’s application to enter a third team in Sunday Division 2 was unanimously approved.

There will be 13 teams in SD2 in 2015 and a league programme involving 20 matches will be drawn up with due account taken of geographical considerations when determining the sides who meet just once.

Re-structure of the league over 2 seasons

Proposed that each Saturday division be comprised of 12 teams (rather than the current 14) from the 2017 season onwards, and that such structure should be reached on a progressive basis over the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Once the optimum structure is reached promotion and relegation would then operate on a two up two down basis across all divisions.

Voting: For 21 Against 8

Rule 5 – Alteration to rules
Add the following to the end of sentence 1, paragraph 1:
…except for the general League Disciplinary Regulations (other than fixed penalties) which may be altered or amended by the League Committee without the necessity to refer the matter to clubs. In respect of any additions or alterations being made to the League Disciplinary Regulations by the League Committee then clubs must be advised in writing within 30 days.
Move sentence 2 paragraph 1 to the beginning of a new paragraph 2.

Voting: For 30 Against 0

Rule 13a
Add the following final paragraph –
Conceded matches – in the event of a team being unable to fulfil a scheduled league fixture then they will have 10 points deducted and be fined in accordance with rule 34. Their opponents shall be awarded 25 points.

Voting: For 23 Against 7

Rule 13d – Bowling restrictions – Divisions 2 and 3
In Division 2 and Division 3 no player is permitted to bowl more than 25% (rounded up of the total overs allotted to that innings (as at the commencement of the innings). In the event of the innings being allotted more than 50 overs at its commencement, no player may bowl more than 13 overs in total except in the case of a first innings being declared closed. In cases where the first innings is declared closed then the bowlers maximum allowance will be based on 25% (rounded up) of the total number of second innings overs to be bowled at the commencement of that innings.
In the event of a subsequent reduction in the overs allotted to the innings after its commencement (e.g. because of the weather) the individuals allocation will remain the unaltered.

Voting: For 31 Against 0

Rule 21 – Duration of play
Add to the end of sentence one:
Except for league matches played in April and September which shall commence no later than 12.30pm.

Voting: For 19 Against 13

Rule 21 – Duration of play
Thornaby proposed that start times for Saturday divisions should revert to 1.30pm (from 1pm)

Voting: For 11 Against 14

Rule 29 – Transfer of players
Amend paragraph 2, sentence 1, line 2 to read:
‘in the current or immediately preceding season’

Voting: For 22 Against 0

New Rule 29 – University Dual Registration
Should a player registered with a member club play for another club in another league whilst at university (or equivalent) he may return to his home club and play for them at any time during his course without the need for a formal transfer.
Such players must be registered with the NYSD by means of a University Dual Registration form which may be obtained from the league website or the general secretary. Any decision required in respect of determining the player’s home club will be made by the committee whose decision will be final and binding.
NB – it will be the player’s own responsibility to ensure he complies with all registration rules relating to the league and club he plays for whilst at university, and he should make them aware of any dual registration of this nature to ensure he does not infringe any rules pertaining to that league.

Voting: For 32 Against 0

Disciplinary rule 5.3 – Cautions
Delete ‘within any twelve month period’ and replace with ‘within any season’

Voting: For 23 Against 2

Macmillan Cup
Add new rule 15
Only pink balls (as supplied by the League) may be used in Macmillan Cup matches.

Voting: For 16 Against 1

Under 19 T20 Competition
An NYSD under 19 T20 competition will be operated if sufficient clubs register for inclusion on an annual basis. The league will be the qualifying vehicle for the ECB National U19 T20 competition and will operate under the specific rules and regulations as laid down by the ECB.
All clubs interested in entering an under 19 side in this competition must register such interest with the general secretary by no later than the 31st March each year.

Voting: For 24 Against 0

Ray Bell Cup

Innings limitation – to be 20 rather than 25

Voting: For 19 Against 2

Bowlers restricted to one fifth of the total overs

Voting: For 17 Against 3




Rule 1 – Age limitations 
Delete rule 1 and replace with:
Any players who have not attained the age of 17 years on the first day of September of the season prior shall be allowed to play, and a maximum of three players who have not attained the age of 18 years on the first day of September of the season prior shall be allowed to play, subject to their qualification as such and being formally registered as over-age players.
Over-age player registration must take place before the commencement of the season to which it relates. The results secretary will issue a list of each club’s qualifying players before the start of that season. Only new and transferred players will be considered as additions to such lists once the season has commenced.
The decision on whether any player qualifies rests solely with the League Committee whose decision will be final and binding, but it should be noted that any player with a good quality senior playing record will not normally be considered eligible for inclusion.

Vote: For 23 Against 3

Rule 2
Delete sentence 2.
Add new rule 3 and renumber all the other rules accordingly.
New rule 3 - Bowling and Batting restrictions
Bowlers may bowl a maximum of 4 overs. Batsmen must retire at 50 but can score past 50 (eg. batsman on 49* hits a 6, retires on 55). Retired batsmen cannot return to the crease.

Vote: For 21 Against 5

Rule 4
Delete and replace with:
Five points shall be awarded for a win, three for a tie, and one for a draw. In addition losing teams can gain additional points as follows – batting: 1 point for totalling 75 or more, bowling: 1 point for taking 5 or more wickets.
A tie is the result of a game in which the scores are equal at the end of the agreed overs irrespective of the number of wickets lost by either side.

Vote: For 24 Against 1

Restructure of Junior cup competitions:

Junior Cup
The competition to be split into two – Junior Cup North and Junior Cup South – trophies would go to both regional winners.
The North Cup winners would then play the South Cup winners in the NYSD Junior Cup Final.

Vote: For 24 Against 0

Junior Plate Competition

Vote: Retain 12 Drop 8