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Performance of the Month Winners April/May

Posted by Stephen Brenkley and Tom Briddock on 11/06/2018 14:49

                       DARLINGTON BUILDING SOCIETY


The awards for April/May 2018 were:

Senior Junior
No Image Available!​​ No Image Available!​​
Spencer Nicholson (Wolviston) Rhys Ditta (Middlesbrough)










The listed performances from which the winners were chosen were:



Andrew Weighell, Stokesley, 93 v Marton

Stephen Pennock,  Great Ayton, 102no   v Marske

Paul Allen, Thornaby, 96no v Hartlepool

Giles Creedon, Barnard Castle, 43no and 6-20 v Hartlepool

Division One

Grant Sowerby, Darlington,  6-11 v Wolviston

Jason Erskine, Saltburn, 110 (71b, 12x4,3x6) v Norton

Spencer Nicholson, Wolviston, 9 for 30 (13-4-30-9) v Darlington RA

Clive Layfield , Richmondshire, 78 and 5 for 16 v Blackhall

Mark Davies, Billingham Synthonia, 94 v Darlington

Oliver Sherwood, Wolviston, 114 v Great Ayton

Thomas Wing, Billingham Synthonia, 110 v Guisborough

Thomas Wing, Billingham Synthonia 128 and 1-14 v Darlington RA

William Donald, Whitby 66 and 4-6 v Saltburn

Jonathan Kean, Norton, 52 (in 52 balls from a total of 57 all out) v Whitby

Elliot Holmes, Billingham Synthonia, 109no  v Norton

Division Two

Rich Bartram, Northallerton, 2-40 and 72no v Rockcliffe Park

Daniel Shurmer, Hartlepool,  99 v Stokesley

Jonathan Cooper, Redcar, 86 and 4-13 v Rockliffe Park

Kieran Latcham,  Sedgefield, 107no and 2-6 v Bedale

Darryn Bancroft, Newton Aycliffe, 121 v Maltby

Division Three

Kieran Lowery, Blackhall 131 and 2-6 v Whitby

Ansir Mahmood, Thornaby 7-10 v Norton

James Fawcett,  Whitby,115 v Thornaby

Oliver Roberts, Whitby, 109 v Thornaby – Fawcett and Roberts shared 1st wicket partnership of 225

Robert Nevison, Shildon Railway, 6-13 and 12, v Whitby

Dhanish Hussain, Normanby Hall, 83 and 4-16 v Seaton Carew

Division Four

Lewis Fortune, Sedgefield,  7 for 16 v Northallerton

Lewis Hart, Saltburn, 61 and 2 for 39, v Newton Aycliffe

Michael Atkinson,  Billingham Synthonia,154 v Rockliffe Park

Chris Lupton, Rockcliffe Park, 98no v Billingham Synthonia

Kerridge Cup

Neil Whitworth, Seaton Carew 77 (76b) and 4 for 23 v Hartlepool

Macmillan Cup

Adam Bainbridge, Banard Castle, 73 v Richmondshire

James Quinn, Barnard Castle, 92 (45 balls), v Hartlepool

Brunton Cup

Callum Shields, Norton, 105no v Sedgefield

Spencer Nicholson, Wolviston, 79no and 4-15  v Rockliffe Park

Hornby Cup

Sam Telford,  Newton Aycliffe v Rockliffe Park

Ray Bell Cup

Alan Cook, Great Ayton 97 v Thornaby

Ken Welsh Cup

Lewis Garnett, Bishop Auckland 106 v Seaton Carew

Sunday Conference South

Tahir Javed, Norton 106 no. v Seaton Carew

Harry Atkinson, Stokesley, 131no v Guisborough



Harry Peirson, Marske 5-30 v Seaton Carew

Division One

Tom Dowson, Richmonsdshire, 40, 2c, 2st v Blackhall

Matthew Harwood, Darlington, 106no  v Norton

Joseph Husband, Whitby, 6-41 v Wolviston

Division Two

Theo Truss, Barnard Castle, 4-17,  v Rockliffe

Jamie Hood jnr, Redcar,  5-32 and 38no v Maltby

Sam Irvine,  Maltby, 102v Northallerton

Finn Usher. Barnard Castle, 3-27 and 29no v Sedgefield

Yash Vagadia, 101, Middlesbrough v Stokesley

Yash Vagadia, Middlesbrough 35 and 5-25 v Marske

Division Three

Lewis Beaumont, Thornaby, 103no (103b) and 1-1 v Seaton Carew

Lewis Beaumont, Thornaby, 86no and 1-40 v Whitby

Division Four

Lucas Parry, Saltburn,  52no, 1-18, 3 catches v Billingham Synthonia

Lucas Parry, Saltburn, 6-6 and 11 v Sedgefield

Charlie Andrews, Northallerton, 5-41  v Preston

Sunday Premier

Rhys Ditta, Middlesbrough 117 no. and 4-9 v Darlington RA

Ray Bell Cup

Finn Usher, Barnard Castle, 33 and 3 for 17 v Yarm

Finn Usher, Barnard Castle, 28no (18b) and 3 for 24 v Darlington

Alex Thompson, Saltburn, 5-14 v Guisborough

Junior League

Matthew Price,Richmondshire,  51no v Barnard Castle

Sam Irvine, Maltby, 51no v Stokesley

Junior Cup

Owen Tennant, Saltburn, 50no (56b) v Whitby

Owen Nugent , SEaton Carew, 54no (46b) v Hartlepool

Jack Bond, Seaton Carew, 51no (50b) v Hartlepool